Who should learn Chinese?

Feb 27

The most widely spoken language currently must be Mandarin Chinese;  language of the world’s most populous nation – China. Due to the rise of China’s economic clout, it has driven many opportunist to start learning Mandarin and most others who have never taken interest in learning that language, starting to see it in different light. The difficulty though, lies on the language itself but with the help and establishment of language classes, textbooks and digital resources make it more accessible for everyone to start learning.

The question though, is who should learn Mandarin, apart from Chinese themselves? The first that come to mind is Business people. Economic rising is the best enough reasoning to convince most businessman to pick up the language and venture into the land of opportunity itself. Not only does communication made easy once you can speak the native language, learning about the language involves learning about local customs which can prevent misunderstandings between Chinese and other Countries’s associates.  With the nation become even more prosperous, anyone would have expect the Chinese to be a major consumers. This increases the importance of knowing and understanding Chinese buyers and Chinese psyche.

Travelers especially those who are looking to travel into some Asian Chinese territory should definitely learn Mandarin as well. With the advancement of technology that can brings you literally everywhere, there are still remote areas in the Chinese speaking country who cannot converse in English.

As China grows in economic importance like what being mentioned earlier, parents are more desperate for their children to pick up the language in order to prepare them for future challenges. Parents want to give their children access to this market hence learning Chinese is essential. Children also absorb the language easier than others in the mature age does and find it less difficult to adopt. Mandarin courses are offered in universities, high schools, elementary schools and tuition centers or language schools which can assist them further.

Last but not least, scholars who are interested in Chinese history and culture can benefit from learning Mandarin Chinese. Chinese history are much easier to be understood if one can read Chinese characters. Chinese paintings and sculptures are often ornamented with calligraphy which can only be appreciated by those who can read the words. Knowing the characters itself will make the topic more accessible among many, that’s for sure.

So, expand your horizon and start learning the Chinese Language and culture!


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