Benefits of enrolling in English Speech and Drama

Aug 06

Whether or not your child is reserved English speech and drama is the perfect way for them to learn to express themselves, something which they may or may not be able to get done in a typical classroom setting.  This option is a great way to help them to improve on their vocal skills through the use of prose and poetry. It also helps the children to have an appreciation of the arts and literature with all this exposure.

What exactly is speech and drama? Speech involves communication between persons and drama refers to the selection of a unique way to express it. A lot of children have a fear of socializing with peers or speaking in public. They may have the fear of being made fun of or being the main focus. If this is not addressed it is something that will follow them into adulthood.

English drama and speech helps to develop and build social skills, conversational ability, self esteem, confidence as well as empathy. It also gives the children the opportunity to experience things from a different perspective.

Bear in mind that this option is not only for shy children but is also for the high spirited ones as well. Through the use of drama they can redirect their energies into new ways of expressing themselves.

There are a number of benefits to this activity. Apart from building self confidence it also makes them better communicators. Children should be children and speech and drama will give them the opportunity to learn while having fun.

In a typical class children are encouraged to express themselves and to do the talking so that they can learn how to communicate effectively. The more exposed they become, the more enthusiastic they will be and the more they will want to learn.  It is also about using their imagination.  They can play dress up and try out being different characters.  This is how they learn to dramatize and characterize. It is all about getting then to step out of the box. Children learn through fun activities like storytelling, poetry, prose and rhymes.

Every child is gifted with intelligence. The only difference is that they have a different style of learning. The aim of many speech and drama programs is to hone this intelligence through interactive and fun activities. This is an activity that every child ought to take part in. It will really help them to grow.


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