Benefits of teaching children to be bilingual

Jan 27

Bilingualism is in no doubt brings a lot of benefits to whoever who practice it. There are many researches and articles in Magazines, newspapers and blogs that further strengthen that fact, fascinated by how the brain effortlessly manipulates more than one language at a time in compare to monolingual when given one specific task.

Bilinguals are said to have better focus on most occasion, able to tune out of distraction which is considered a skill not many are capable off.  Those who are bilinguals, despite being diagnosed to be affected by Alzheimer’s, will still continue functioning at higher cognitive levels. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s delayed showing up for five to six years much later than those who only spoke one language.

There are claims that children who grow up speaking two languages will be slower in picking up each language compare to children who are raised speaking just one. Despite that though, the benefits of bilingualism easily outweigh any drawbacks the might face.

It does not matter what second language the child picks up, bilingual children develop a deeper understanding of the structure of language which makes them good in literacy. There are though slight advantages to those who practice languages which are similar in origin. For example,  Chinese-English bilinguals and monolinguals will be outperformed by Spanish-English bilinguals as research has shown on a test of awareness of the sound structure of spoken English. This is then said to be tied to the factor of how close a child’s two languages are and whether those two languages they picked up are usable at school. This can however, be helped by attending language classes or school or simply being in an environment or having people to converse those languages in.


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