Enrichment Programs For Young Children – The Benefits

Sep 23

Enrichment programs can be quite beneficial for young children. They offer a myriad of benefits, amongst them the ability to teach children math, reading and perhaps foreign languages. By starting kids early, there is an opportunity to familiarize them with the basics so that they are equipped for more rigorous school work in the future. Building a good educational foundation is key to future success. When it comes to reading, one of the best ways to accomplish the aforementioned is to focus on phonics.

Enrichment programs are available for a number of subjects, amongst them foreign languages, reading and math. There may even be some for health and fitness. These types of programs are developed to be supplemental to core curriculums. They are used in conjunction with the aforementioned.

The best enrichment programs take into account a child’s personal learning style. This increases the likelihood that they are better able to learn what they are being taught. Taking into consideration a child’s learning style and where they are in terms of skill-level, will make learning much easier and an enrichment program much more effective.

As mentioned above, phonics is one of the most effective and oft utilized of all enrichment programs. It helps children learn those skills necessary to become good readers and subsequently, top students both in the short and long term. Phonics has proven to be, over the years, one of the best ways to teach children to read. In fact, some people refer to it as the building blocks of reading and language. It requires a child to look at a word and then break it down according to its sound, out loud. If a child manages to master phonics, he or she is likely to become a very good reader.

Phonics can be learned at home. There are numerous games and activity books available for this purpose. The internet is a great place to find them.

If your child is at the age where teaching them to read is appropriate or if they are having trouble learning to read, teaching them phonics can be extremely helpful. As mentioned above, there are lots of great products for this purpose, including phonics games and workbooks. Of course, it isn’t absolutely necessary to purchase learning aids. Simply having a child break down each syllable of every word and read it aloud can be sufficient for this purpose as well.


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