How Does A Child Learn?

Oct 28

Generally, we should not try to teach all children the same way. Some excel in certain ways compared to others. This is because each and every child has their own ways of learning. Learning is considered the greatest journey a human can take as it is a never ending one, however its significance amplify especially in children. Teachers and parents always want the best for their child, and they are often pressured to learn. But are the way that they are learning now considered to be effective for them?

Children learn through three different styles. The three styles are auditory, visual and kinesthetic. The most important way to overcome any learning problems and disabilities is to discover which style does your child learn through the best. Here are some brief explanation on each styles and how does a child learn from the style.

Auditory Learners: Children who are auditory learners absorb in the most in the form of audio feedback through their hearing. This means that children who are auditory learners benefit the most from traditional teaching methods such as in pre-school. This is because most teachers teach through lecture styled classes. They respond well to fluctuations in intonations and loud speech, even music.

Visual Learners: Children who are visual learners learn better according to what they see. This includes pictures, videos, stage plays, cartoons and so much more.

Kinesthetic Learners: Children who are kinesthetic learners learn the best when they actually do the thing itself. This means that they learn through feeling, touching, as well as experiencing.

Learn how does your child learn the best and from there you will know what learning activities are suitable for them. Auditory learners will benefit from the likes of phonics program, as well as speech and drama. This is because phonics is a way of teaching children how to read by focusing on sounds.

Just like auditory learners, kinesthetic learners as well as visual learners can benefit from drama classes as well. Drama and speech is a good all rounder program which requires the child to look, listen, and do. Creative writing for children programs will benefit kinesthetic learners, while enrichment programs are suitable for all kinds of learning styles.

Your child will be able to learn much better if you know his or her learning style. Once you know how does a child learn, it gives you an advantage to know which learning programs are the best for your child.

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