How does Art, Crafts, Languages, Games, Shows and Theatres help children?

Aug 27

Growing up nowadays has a lot of challenges that were not present two decades ago. How then do parents prepare their children and give them the right tools to get over the roadblocks and stay on the path to success. The key is an education that includes the arts. The skills that they will develop from these activities will not only be fun but prepare them for a successful career.

A lot of companies are looking for individuals that can think creatively and give out of the box suggestions to get a business to move forward. They don’t just want someone with a great academic background. They require person that can think on the go and think of different ways to get a task completed. With the inclusion of an arts program a child will get the opportunity to express the same thing like a monologue in a number of different ways. They also get to do a small musical composition and create a painting. All are geared to enhance a child’s creativity which will become a part of them for the future.

How does developing creativity help? The signs of creativity will be seen when a child begins to express new ideas in unique ways. They will come up with unusual suggestions and want to things in a new way.

The next thing that the arts will help to improve is the ability to conquer any fears that they may have. a lot of persons will get physically sick if they hear that they have to do any form of public speaking. The skills that a child will acquire while participating in theater or learning a language etc. will help them to build the confidence needed as well as learn the art of delivery.  They will be okay with stepping out of their comfort zones and learn from any mistakes they make along the way.

Last but not least exposure to the arts will equip them with problem solving skills. When they are doing a particular dance or piece of prose, creating a work of art or even playing game they have certain thing that they will have to figure out. They constantly have to solve problems on their own and find new or quicker ways to get things done. This is the start of learning the art of problem solving. They will see problems as mere challenges that are a joy to solve.

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