How enrichment class complement in kids Chinese language learning stage?

Apr 09

As parents and educators acknowledge in our changing world, English is not necessarily the dominant language, as programs offering Chinese for kids have become overwhelmingly popular. China today boasts the fastest growing national economy, the fourth largest in the world, recently surpassing Great Britain and no longer a sleeping giant. The Chinese, with a population of approximately 1.3 billion people, seems eager to extend their influence across the globe, thus presenting Singapore with new challenges and opportunities.

To address the pressing issue of “Will our children be ready to meet—and compete with—the new kids on the block?” programmes with Mandarin Chinese for kids have been initiated in many elementary schools. This thrust to help children learn Mandarin Chinese prepare for the awaiting world, contrasts with the comparison of ten years ago.

Early Exposure in Chinese for Kids is Important

It is a fact that exposure to a second language at an early stage significantly increases the chances of fluency and one acquiring a local accent. This is critical in Mandarin Chinese for kids who want to take advantage of this ‘window of opportunity.’ Although parents may consider Chinese for their kids a daunting challenge, it is the language most spoken in the world. Many Westerners think of Chinese as an exotic and difficult language, but children frequently respond with enthusiasm and excitement.

There is much you can do to support your child’s class-time activities if he is learning a new language—or continuing one he’s already experienced. First of all, ask questions about what they learned, be excited at their new exposure and encourage them to apply it to things at home, or when talking to or about friends. This critical input from you, your enthusiasm will let your child know that you’re pleased with the effort at school and you do not have to know the language or speak it fluently to do this.

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