Speech and Drama – How does it help kids?

Apr 23

The creative arts have long been a great way in which to develop the creativity, intelligence and confidence of a child.  Speech and drama helps children; even shy ones to express themselves and to interact effectively with other people. They learn how to speak in public and how to interact on a social level with their peers and how to solve their issues in an intelligent and creative way since they will develop the opportunity to think outside the box.

Speech and drama helps children to become more self-confident but also to feel accepted.  They are allowed to feel comfortable in expressing themselves.  Shy children will benefit greatly from working in groups and finally being able to use their voices like never before and to be with and speak to other kids, finally getting out of their shell and interacting with others without fear of being ridiculed.  Being in these groups help them to feel proud of themselves as they feel needed by others and useful to others as well.  

Speech and drama create an atmosphere that is wonderful for the exploration and expression of the natural talent of children and teach them how to work effectively with other children and will ultimately make their general school life; the social and the academic aspects more successful.

When a child stands on a stage and recites their lines, this goes a far way in helping them to speak in public and to hone their public speaking skills.  They also gain the confidence it takes to stand up in front of a group of people and express themselves in a way that is creative and different.  Children who are naturally shy learn how to conquer their fears when they are involved in speech and drama, something they would not have been able to do, or it would have been difficult to do if they were not involved in the arts.

Albert Einstein deemed imagination to be even more essential than knowledge, but in our case we feel that they go hand in hand.  However, children are encouraged to use their creativity to learn in a way that is fun and different.  Speech and drama are even used as a means of solving problems and finding ways and means by which to deal with their issues in a way that is different yet very effective.  They are taught to think outside the box in dealing with everyday issue by the use of speech and drama.


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