The importance of enrichment class on language learning for kids

Apr 02

It is an enormously rewarding experience when learning a language, regardless of age. Children gain the most from this wonderful sojourn although language learning is an enriching experience for all ages. To benefit from the widest possible set of benefits and opportunities it is best to start early.

Language is something that one explores, or play as all children intuitively understands. Their infectious and effective enthusiasm is manifested in the almost miraculous quickness with which they pick up their first language, and a joy for parents to watch as their children grow. Parents can attest to the fun manifested by their children as they sing new words, invent new ones with huge, bright smiles. Children explore their first language with a joy that suggests that childhood is the ideal time for learning a second language.

While this list does not exhaust the number and variety of advantages of starting a language early it does highlight some of the more notable.

It is a fact that students who have studied a foreign language, proven by many reports,   perform much better on standardized test such as SAT, than their monolingual peers. The report, College Bound Seniors that is published by the College Board that administers the SAT demonstrated in 2007 the significant benefits of studying a foreign language. An analysis showed that students who had at least four years of foreign language study, on average scored 140 points more (out of the maximum 800) than their peers with six months or less experience on the Critical Reading part of the exam, and in the Math Section, almost another 140 scored 150 points and higher on Writing.

Better advanced reading skills: From a study commissioned by York University in Canada, It was concluded that bilingual children had an advantage in learning to read. The advantage of being able to apply insights and experiences of one language to the other continually grew as they got older. Being able to read two languages is a in itself very impressive.

Greater confidence: Learning a new language, at any age, is a uniquely rewarding experience, and children are great explorers. The feeling of accomplishment felt with their first steps toward a second language inspires them on to a deeper and broader passion for learning in general. This special “window of opportunity” exists for at this stage language learning is intuitive, natural, encourages a pleasurable experience and a desire for new discoveries that will boost their confidence.


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