Why kids should learn Chinese?

Jul 20

A lot of persons are now contemplating having their child learn Chinese while other wonder why. There are quite a number of benefits to learn Chinese and any other language in fact. This article will highlight a few of these reasons.

The first benefit is to afford the learner some sort of flexibility. At the moment China is ranked as the second biggest economy worldwide. It may become the largest economy in no time. This country has some of the largest factories that can be found anywhere and production is at an all time high. On the other hand the largest export market in America is China. The whole thing is that when your child grows up they may just end up having to do business with a company in China and having the ability to communicate with then in their own language is an added plus.

Another benefit is the opportunity to hone their diplomatic and leadership skills. Just in case they are interested in government or international relations having the ability to communicate in other languages makes them more flexible. With China playing such an integral part in the world’s economy having knowledge of this language is a must.

The next reason is family based. If your child has some Chinese heritage, learning how to speak Chinese will give them the opportunity to learn the language of their ancestors but also afford them the opportunity to connect with their family members.

Known as one of the oldest cultures in the world, china has a lot of history that goes back more than five thousand years. An introduction to the language will expose the child to the culture and give them a better understanding of how the language evolved.

An interesting point to note is that the exposure to chinches will improve the mental ability of the learner. Research has shown that children that can speak more than one language tend to be able to have better cognitive skills.

Learning Chinese will make the child better able to understand and identify with children that were born into the culture. They will be able to make friends with these children and have the opportunity to learn more in the long run. It is a great opportunity to learn about cultural diversity.

As there are a lot of Chinese communities worldwide, the child that has had the opportunity to learn the language will have the opportunities over those that did not.


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