A message from Daphne, Director of Apple Pie Language

Jul 30

A message from Daphne, Director of Apple Pie Language

NTUC First Campus (My First Skool) Annual Event

An annual event held by NTUC First Campus (My First Skool), this year’s Kids-in-charge was held on 18th June and Apple Pie Language is proud to be a sponsor of the event. Apart from sponsoring snacks for a strong crowd of 7000 families and selected Children’s Homes, we also had stations for lively-movement activities to get kids and their parents involved.

With the location chosen to be Seng Kang Riverside Park (outdoor), the drizzle in the morning admittedly made me slightly apprehensive of the condition on-site.

Fortunately, everything was good and the rain did not dampen the spirits of the teachers and staff of Apple Pie Language. In fact, they were all upbeat and ready! On that positive note, everything went on smoothly according to plans.

Our theme is Prince and Princesses, and we got our teachers clad in bright and colourful costumes resembling characters from the various fairy tales! They were all ready to grab the attention of the kids and take photos with them!

The dress-up teachers were certainly a catch of the day because not only were the kids excited to snap pictures with them, so were the parents!

We also had booths set up for the kids to play games. Take the Snow White station as an example. The child had to dip his/her hand into an opaque box to find apples. Successful attempts meant stamps could be collected and subsequently redemption of small gifts such as biscuits.

A rare and precious moment for our working parents to interact and play with their kids and the teachers together, Teacher Ai told me that the activities brought her closer to the children and their parents. This is heart-warming to hear.

It was definitely a very meaningful and unforgettable day for everyone and I thank NTUC First Campus for giving us this opportunity to be involved.

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