Fun Holiday Programs For Kids

Nov 11

As the year end holiday approaching, parents are looking for things for their children to do to keep them busy and occupied. There are many holiday programs for kids in Singapore that will not only entertain your children, but also help them continue to develop their language and academic skills in the process.

Performing Arts Classes
Over the holidays, one way to keep kids entertained is to enroll them in a short dramatic arts or speech program. If they attend a course like this, they can make friends and in the process work on their Chinese language skills.

Some dramatic arts classes focus on traditional folk tales and stories relevant to the season. Kids are able to explore and express their own thoughts and ideas about the holidays. One wonderful program has children write up their own story or play and then act it out in a performance for parents at the end of the program.

Try enrolling your child in a public speaking course. These courses over the holidays allow children to refine their Chinese language skills and develop their skills at talking in front of an audience. Public speaking can also be a great way to boost your child’s confidence and improve their academic performance.

Encourage Creative Thinking
Another type of program for your children during the holidays are ones that encourage your kids to think creatively. Consider enrolling them in a creative writing class. Creative writing classes are a good way for kids to hone their Chinese language skills, while using their imaginations. By letting their imaginations roam, they can use their language skills to come up with new ideas and have fun at the same time.

Other classes focus on creative problem solving. Kids are given problems to think about and encouraged to come up with the most wacky and innovative idea to solve the dilemma. This can be a wonderful way to teach children to think outside the box and to be able to think about problems in a new positive way.

Science and Technology
Other program for kids over the holidays focus on science and technology. Enroll your child in a program that allows them to build a super robot or visit the botanical gardens. One wonderful technology program teaches children the basics of movie directing and helps them write and direct their own short movie, including teaching them basic editing skills.

If you are looking for enjoyable activities for your child over the coming holiday season, look into program offered by local community programs. You can find these programs by looking for them online or visiting your local children’s center. Holiday programs are a great way to keep your kids active and help them continue to improve their Chinese language skills while they have fun.

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