Phonic & How it helps?

Aug 20

Phonics is a tool that helps children to read by using a particular system. Instead of having to do a memorization of words, they learn the sounds that the letters make. This is a much better option for many children especially the ones that have reading disabilities.

It must be noted that there are approximately one million words in the English language. As such it would be rather difficult for a lot of children to memorize each word. On the other hand, phonics only requires the child to learn forty four phonemes or sounds. This is a task that most children will be able to do. Eventually they will get to a point where they can recognize individual words. 

The great thing is that phonics works for all children no matter what the situation may be. Children that are not read to home will have a bit more difficult time with the learning to read process but they can get it done if they do phonics. This option is also great for teaching children that have learning disabilities as it is easier for them to grasp.

Another great benefit of phonics is that it works in tandem with writing and reading instruction. Children that have a base in phonics tend to be the better spellers and writers as opposed to those that are required to learn word by word. A lot of the phonics programs incorporate all their tasks side by side. It is recommended by the child development experts.

Of course despite all of the benefits that phonics has a child may not be taught phonic in schools. It is simply because they are using a different method of teaching which involves the use of sight words as opposed to the use of phonics. If that is the case, options can always be found. A parent can opt to set up a learning environment at home and avid that method of teaching altogether. If that is too much, then the parent will just have to do the phonics instruction at home or hire a tutor to get it done. There are also computer based programs that can be bought for the child which they can do at home.

Phonics is really very important in forming the base of a child’s future in school. It is the best way to get them on the way to be great readers in a simple way.


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