Junior Chinese Club

Junior Chinese Club (JCC)



(JCC) Playgroup: for age 2 – 3 year olds

(JCC) Year I: for N1 & N2 students

(JCC) Year II: for K1 & K2 students


The Junior Chinese Club is a programme which encompasses Chinese Enrichment and Drama to develop a child’s reading, communication and social skills, as well as self-confidence and public speaking through the medium of performing arts.

This provides a gradual and easy way to formal learning by combining early reading, creative cultural crafts and coordination skills with other enjoyable developmental areas such as conversation, speech skills, music & movement, drama, socialization and play.

The children will put up a year-end drama performance to showcase what they have learnt throughout the progressive course. *(For Year I & II only)


Course Objectives:

  • Provide children with early exposure to good Mandarin speech model and laying an early foundation for language skill.
    *For Year II: In addition, students will be taught Hanyu Pinyin (汉语拼音), to better prepare them for Primary 1.
  • Establish an enjoyable, friendly introduction to Chinese pre-reading and writing skills.
  • Foster imagination and creativity through structured and free play, improve social development and interaction of children.