English Speech and Drama

With their proficiency and experience in theater and dramatic arts, our teachers at Apple Pie Language will ensure a fun and fulfilling journey of self-discovery for your child.

Through the medium of performing arts, Apple Pie Language’s English Speech & Drama strives to train and develop your children in skills such as public speaking, communicative and social skills.

A different approach to Speech and Drama

Integration of

  • Language development
  • Character development
  • Positive attitude formation
  • Performance oriented
  • Holistic education

Course Objectives

1) Develops Effective Communication skills using the English Language through:

- Speech Drills
- Articulation Exercises
- Language Games
- Poetry Recitation

2) Increases level of Self Expression and Creativity through:

- Improvisation
- Creative Movement
- Role Playing
- Public Speaking Platforms

3) Enhances Self-Esteem and Social Skills through:

- Stage Performances
- Participative Exercises and Activities
- Group based Activities


Teaching Approach

Our teachers are dedicated in bringing out the best in your child by creating a safe environment ideal for building confidence. We do so by giving assurance through encouragement and warm guidance. Participation is emphasized to gain not just knowledge but life experiences. Fun is often introduced to make learning more enjoyable to help students release inhibitions. We strive to recognize each child’s individuality and strive to sharpen its uniqueness through respect.


Mini Talent Showcase (Performance)

Towards the end, students will be brought through a rehearsal process, leading to a performance. This will serve as a platform for students to learn the inner workings of preparation for a show. Together with the live performance, it will become a valuable learning experience for the students. The Mini Talent Showcase also serves as a platform for parent-teacher discussion.