Children Learn Language better than Adult

May 11

Some might argue how well a children fare in compare to adult who possess a much more trained and developed brain in picking up a new language. It is by no doubt that in most occasion, adult is pretty much going to lose this fight as time, dedication and commitment they can put on the subject of language learning might not be as much as how children can have in their arsenal. What if that aspect is out of the question though?

Children are naturally capable of learning a new language by unlearning other languages. Adult tend to relate and mix up the languages they learnt hence making it more difficult for them to focus on just one until they can fully tell the differences between them. Children on the other hand are capable of siding one other language completely out of the picture and focus on the other one when they are learning a new language or when they are learning different language simultaneously.

Children also can detect broad distinctions between the patterns of stress and how long you hold different syllables between different languages. They are just born and be naturally sensitive enough to these differences to notice when a speaker switches from one language to another. Adult on the other hand will have delay in trying to interpret and understanding the context of the speaker before being able fully accepted a change of languages might have been used in between.

At one stage of a human development, children or adult wouldn’t just loses the physical capacity to hear distinction of sounds but rather, it is the well-trained brain begun taking over and purposely ignoring the differences in sensory input between them. It is arguable whether or not the brain has become more lazy to tell the difference upon hearing those sounds but it is said that the brain works that way as the evolving of survival mechanism. This has further proven that children are simply  better language learner than adults.


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