Chinese legends and festivals

Sep 13

Childhood is one of the most fun times of your child’s life. Whether your child is native Chinese, or is learning Chinese as a second language, teaching them Chinese legends and festivals can help to improve their learning. Even though your child may be learning Chinese at school, it’s more than common for their school time to be full of happy laughter and childhood pleasures. As a parent though, you want to ensure that your child is fluent in Chinese and that they understand the culture and society that belongs in China.

By teaching them some of the most popular and traditional Chinese legends, you will help your child to gain an understanding of their culture and their past. Each country is different, and each country and race has their own unique blend of culture, religion and ways of life. The Chinese are no different. In fact ┬áthe Chinese culture is one of the most unique blends in the world. They believe in legends from the past, and they celebrate their lives and what they believe in through hosting regular festivals throughout the year. Celebration festivals play an important role in Chinese culture and it’s imperative that your kids learn to develop an initial knowledge of this as early as possible.

By teaching them about what they are learning, they will gain more of an insight into the Chinese way of life – thus increasing the likelihood that they will be motivated to learn more. Making learning fun, unique and different is a difficult task, and you must engage your children to learn. If you don’t engage them, and don’t give them a reason to learn more every day, they will probably get bored. Teaching them about Chinese legends and festivals is bound to tick their creative side of thinking into play.

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