Importance of early Chinese education exposure to kids

Feb 13

It has come to a stage whereby people argue whether or not English is still the dominant language at current age when the rise of China in the aspect of military strength to economic dominance force many people to adopt Chinese language in order to stay competitive and survive in today’s business world. With a population of nearly 1.3 billion people and the willingness of the Chinese to extend their influence across the globe, the distant future might not be that much of a distance at all when it comes to predicting how influential the Chinese language would be.

This is the reason why questions like “Will our children be ready to meet the requirements or compete for better future?”  , “Will they be able to meet the high demands set by many corporate?” , “Can they be effective in their communication with future leaders or whatever field they will be involved in?”. It’s never too early to be ready for what is to come.

Studies have shown that early exposure to a second language greatly increases the likelihood that the learner will attain fluency and a native accent. The younger you have your kids to learn Chinese, the bigger the advantage it will be for them to achieve fluency over the other late learners.

It is estimated that it will takes 1,300 hours to become proficient in Chinese which is nearly three times as long as French which is estimated to require 480 hours to achieve proficiency by the Foreign Service Institute. Many Westerners perceive that Chinese an extremely difficult and exotic language to learn. While the learning curve varies for most people, whereby some might find it more difficult especially when their interest is not pinpointed on learning the language, others who likes challenges can find the different characters fun and grasp the different tones well.

This is the reason why kids can pick it up way easier than adult can, while their brain are still developing and no boundary is set telling them that it is difficult.


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