Importance of language development and literacy

May 25

One of the most recognizable and important achievements of early childhood are learning to talk. Being able to say that first word whether its ‘Mama’, ‘Papa’ or anything else in fact, is a start of many more things to come. That is the sign of adoption of new language and new form of communication after being born, the ever need of achieving social understanding, learning about the world, sharing experience, pleasures and needs.

Eventually, children will move on and learn to read by the age of 3 in preschool or at home. Learning to read is the next big step in language development. While learning to talk and learning to read might be distinctive in a way but they are highly related. It is said that early-language skills promise more successful reading in latter stage, moreover, pre-literacy and literacy can help further children’s language competencies in both the preschool years and later schooling.

Normally, the first is the hardest and then on, parents will normally hope that their children will be able to adopt a second language or more. Language is not only the form of communication physically but also emotionally. The cultural aspect of it will shape children in a way others can’t. Understanding different perspective at an early age makes them able to think differently, in a view others couldn’t opening doors to a whole new world. This is why most research conducted that bilingual or multilingual students fare better at later schooling as well as working stage.

To achieve it is no easy feat though as many has seek different ways to learn but gave up in the middle as result are not as favorable as they would have expected. Learning language cannot be rushed though and it is a continuous process but it is something that cannot be lost. It will be something forever imprinted in you, signify you and present you in a different way to others.


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