Learning to write chinese symbols for Kids

Mar 12

There are more than 3000 dialects of Chinese being Spoken in China, however, Chinese writing symbols are all the same across the regions. There are simplified and traditional writing, with simplified being the universally used as of current replacing the old traditional complicated writing symbols. Eventhough people speak in different Chinese dialects, the same written language is being used.

Chinese writing characters developed 3000 years ago which begin from mere pictures. Pictures were drawn to resemble the items they want to represent. The first Emperor Chin unified and issued the same symbols to be used by all after refining the characters from ancient picturized characters.

The ancient way of learning Chinese and it’s characters are by memorizing many pictures or characters each week and used brushes and ink to paint the words out. Imagine having to memorize hundreds or even thousands of those pictures in order to be able to read and write, you would be much more appreciative to those literature being written way back then.

The traditional Chinese is deemed to be quite complicated for many to learn to write in that language. Simplified Chinese was then introduced for easier learning which is also known as modernized Chinese. Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan is still using the traditional Chinese though and you would notice that Singapore has a split knowledge on traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese as well.

There has been a debate on whether to fully introduced and enforce the simplified Chinese language over the traditional one with many claimed that the simplified version has some way off the traditional Chinese characters. Singapore adopted the six revisions made by Mainland China in 1986.

Chinese character writing is done in columns, from top to bottom and from right to left. You should start writing in the upper right hand corner of the page.


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