What you need to know as a parent when you send your child to learn language

May 18

First thing parents should remind themselves of is that children are not adult. They are not you, hence comparison should not be made at all as it won’t help. Learning a language for a child is like a game and in a game, there are bound to be errors. Errors at this stage though, while many believe they should be corrected, some will tell you otherwise mainly because they are convinced that those errors are part of the language acquisition process and will disappear overtime.

Children all acquire language the same way. They will learn to speak the dialect(s) and language(s) that are used around them. They way they speak will be greatly affected by the people around them and that can be the parents, caregivers, friends and family. There’s no way to control how they speak as they will develop their own accents and they will automatically learn languages they think they will ever need.

Language acquisition normally takes a long time. It’s not a theoretical learning of whatsoever. It is a combination of experimenting, trial and error, indulgence and pride. Many people only look onto the result hoping their child can speak multiple languages in short amount of time, paying large sum of money to the tutors and expecting the best at the end of the day. Language learning should not be rushed as children learn language through natural interaction in everyday settings. When everything is a learning process and material to children, it is less visible as time goes on as they experience different thing and feeling around them.

Learning a language should also not be a competition as the only competitor one should face is themselves. Not every child learns the same way as some might venture into different options they have in their own way of learning. Once a child is deem ready to learn, they will learn and that will be out of anyone’s control. As a parent, what you can do is assist and always ready to provide.


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