How Stage Performance Improves Self-Expression and Raises Self-Confidence

Sep 20

Performing on stage isn’t an easy thing to do and for people who do this for the first time it can be a very frightening experience. When you are on the stage you can get all those emotions out of you and make the show something unique for the audience. Here are some ways that performing can help you gain confidence and find your self-expression.

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Benefits of enrolling in English Speech and Drama

Aug 06

Whether or not your child is reserved English speech and drama is the perfect way for them to learn to express themselves, something which they may or may not be able to get done in a typical classroom setting.  This option is a great way to help them to improve on their vocal skills through the use of prose and poetry. It also helps the children to have an appreciation of the arts and literature with all this exposure.

What exactly is speech and drama?

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