Benefits of Speech and Drama Class for Kids

Mar 19

The positive impacts drama classes have on children’s development are often bigger than most parents expect. In many instances, a true appreciation for the benefits does not normally happen until after the parents see it for themselves. Many parent are faced with the decision of choosing only one or two activities when choosing extra-curricular activities for their child, as they are limited to time and money each year. These decisions require careful deliberation to make sure a child not only gets the opportunity to do what they enjoy but to also get to experience activities that will assist in widening their skills and knowledge in areas that will help them in the future.

It is not rare that parents think that drama classes are an opportunity for fulsome talkative children to act on stage in the hope that they will one day become an actress or actor. While they are suitable for creative children, this common thought is ill-advised as it misses the mark of what drama is actually about and what kind of children may benefit from participating in these classes. This view often causes parent’s to disregard drama classes altogether as a choice for their child. Therefore, parents may end up choosing a different activity for their child like dancing, singing or a musical instrument. Excellent drama classes provide various speaking based and drama based activities. These classes are fun and can assist in strengthening a child’s communication skills, to speak more persuasively, boost confidence in public speaking, build self esteem, learn leadership skills, increase ability to adapt and improvise, overcome shyness, become more assertive, build awareness of social skills, make friends and understand people. Adults are judged on how they express themselves and their style of speech every day. Drama classes are a perfect way for children to develop these skills.

It’s important to consider some of these points when you are selecting a drama class for your child:

Does the club appear to be fun? This is the most important of all, having fun in class, makes the learning outcomes much greater.

Ensure that the teachers are skilled, qualified and experienced in areas of drama and speaking.

It is ordinary for a child not to be sure if they want to attend drama classes. If it is so with your child, check the dram club to find out if they’ll allow your child to test out a few classes before making a commitment to a full term. As soon as they try it most children cannot wait to go back.


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