How Stage Performance Improves Self-Expression and Raises Self-Confidence

Sep 20

Performing on stage isn’t an easy thing to do and for people who do this for the first time it can be a very frightening experience. When you are on the stage you can get all those emotions out of you and make the show something unique for the audience. Here are some ways that performing can help you gain confidence and find your self-expression.

Find Your Voice as an Artist

The more you perform on the stage the easier it will be for you to find your voice as an artist. To perform you have to take risks and just get up on stage. If you don’t take the risks you’ll never discover the artist locked inside of you. As you perform more often you’ll see your confidence shine through and this will unlock your voice and make you a better performer. People will begin to notice this and you can express yourself more and get into the music for a better show. This applies to any performing arts and not just music. If you dance, you need to keep dancing so your style comes thorough.

Your Personality

Stage performance can help you unlock your personality on stage which will raise your self-confidence. Some performers take on an entirely different personality when they go on stage and to do his well you need the confidence to pull it off. As you perform more often you’ll gain insight into your stage personality and you can work to make it better or more engaging for the audience. This only comes with practice and plenty of performances. Once you have done it enough then your stage personality will shine through and the audience will see this.

Speaking and Interviews

As a performer you might be shy once you first start out but as you perform more you’ll feel better under the lights. These performances will help you gain the confidence to talk with other people during interview, and speaking engagements.  Performing on stage helps unlock your ability to express yourself more around others.

Better Show

The more you perform the more confidence you’ll have to play music well or perform to the best of your ability. These performances will allow you to get deeper into the music or the dance and turn the performance into something great. You’ll gain the self-confidence as you perform more often and this will impact the show and make it better for the audience.

More Creativity

If you have confidence in performing you may be more creative in coming up with new material. You might be willing to take more risks and take the music or other art to the edge and explore your abilities even further. Without confidence to perform you’ll be stuck doing the same old things because it’s all you feel comfortable with. This creativity gives you more self-expression to show fans and admirers who you truly are as an artist. You won’t be stuck doing the same old thing once you can express yourself on stage to the best of your ability.


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