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Primary 1 Chinese Speech & Drama (华文演艺班) *Add on

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Slots for 2021 are OPEN!

Year 2021
Level:  P1

Saturday (2.30pm - 3.00pm) - Original price $92* (discounted price $60)

Note * - Only available as an add-on option with Primary 1 Chinese Enrichment Sat 1.00pm-2.30pm class.

Right from the start of formal learning at Primary 1, children are required to present themselves through “Show & Tell”. And the “Creative Writing” component has always carried weighted marks as paper 1 of the language papers. Even oral exams expect the child to process quickly on the spot what a picture tells, and what the possible consequences and repercussions can result in beyond what is pictured, expressing through their own words formulated through their imagination and logical thinking. All these thought processes will become second-nature to them if they have been given lots of opportunities to allow new ways of thinking and trying out new ideas on problem-solving.    

Therefore, it is fascinating to use role-playing and make-believe play as a medium to act out fictitious roles and life situations to stimulate children to live through the emotions, reflect and practise being an independent thinker. This creative way of teaching is both an art form as well as an education and thus the term – “Drama in Education”.

Our Chinese Speech & Drama programme is a holistic approach that uses “Drama in Education” as its backbone. We employ theatre techniques to initiate and enhance the learning process of children. Its pedagogical philosophies underscore the development of intra-personal and inter-personal skills, empathy for others, self-regulation on emotional management, personal and social values, aesthetics, self-confidence and many other intangible insights that fosters emotional and mental growth in children. These will be honed through Speech Articulation, Language Games, Show & Tell, Poetry & Rhymes Recitation, Role Play, Tongue Twisters, Story-Telling, Dramatization, Mime & Movement and last but not least, Stage Performance.  

Self-discovery is self-empowerment. And this self-belief system that enhances learner autonomy will undoubtedly remain a powerful influence in their life-long learning!


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