How Stage Performance Improves Self-Expression and Raises Self-Confidence

Sep 20

Performing on stage isn’t an easy thing to do and for people who do this for the first time it can be a very frightening experience. When you are on the stage you can get all those emotions out of you and make the show something unique for the audience. Here are some ways that performing can help you gain confidence and find your self-expression.

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Speech and Drama – How does it impact in kids language learning

Sep 06

Speech and Drama is one of the most fun experiences your children will ever have the pleasure of experiencing. Whether they are standing up on a stage, delivering a speech made by Albert Einstein 100 years ago, or merely reading a passage from a book, they will begin to develop their language skills. Research has suggested that drama techniques provide an interesting way of motivating language learning in children. As your child will be unique and completely different from the children at their school, it’s important to let the experience the different routes in life. While your children may not be pleased by the thought of taking part in Football, speech and drama may just be there way of learning.

Children are able to benefit the most from Speech and Drama at an early age. At the age of four, their natural instincts begin to kick in. Adults are not designed to continue learning language, unlike children. While adults are designed to reproduce, children are designed to learn and learn until they can learn no more. At an early age, children benefit immensely from speech and drama and their ability to speak fluent and coherent language will quickly come naturally to them. The majority of speech and language learning is through habit. As your child continues to take part in speech and drama lessons and training, they will develop good habits for speaking great, fluent English. These habits will very rarely be forgotten and will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Drama is also about educating your children on how speech has changed over the course of time. By standing up and speaking on a stage, they will be reinforcing their good habits. They will continue to speak good language on a daily basis, and this will persist and help them to achieve fluent language speaking capabilities in later life.

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The Essentials of Chinese Speech and Drama Class

Jul 13

There are a myriad of activities that are available for speech and drama students. Teachers no longer feel the need to stick to the standard musicals and plays in a bid to help the students to improve upon their vocal skills, acting and characterization. There are a number of unusual activities can go hand in hand with the traditional methods to enhance their dramatic skills which will help them be the best that they can be.

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Speech and Drama Class For Kids

Apr 16

Speech is the verbal interaction between human beings while drama is the use of acting is the expression of speech.  May children have issues with speaking in public or being able to easily relate in a social way to their peers.  When this is happening with a child they are usually dealing with anxiety, a fear of being teased or being in the spotlight.  If these issues are not dealt with, then they can continue into adulthood.

Both speech and drama is a great way in which to help a child, whether they are shy or not, to express themselves, and they can do so in their classrooms. Drama and speech helps with the developing of their skills via prose and poetry and also help them to better appreciate the arts as well as literature.

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Benefits of Speech and Drama Class for Kids

Mar 19

The positive impacts drama classes have on children’s development are often bigger than most parents expect. In many instances, a true appreciation for the benefits does not normally happen until after the parents see it for themselves. Many parent are faced with the decision of choosing only one or two activities when choosing extra-curricular activities for their child, as they are limited to time and money each year. These decisions require careful deliberation to make sure a child not only gets the opportunity to do what they enjoy but to also get to experience activities that will assist in widening their skills and knowledge in areas that will help them in the future.

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Is a Chinese Speech and Drama Class the Right Choice for your Children?

Dec 30

With so many different types of enrichment classes out there today, it can sometimes be difficult for parents to come to a conclusion on which enrichment class to send their child to. One of the more overlooked enrichment classes which actually have a lot of benefits would have to be Chinese speech and drama classes.

If you have ever thought of sending your child to a Chinese speech and drama class but do not know whether it would be the right choice for your kids, then maybe this article would help to address some of these issues. Below are just some of the benefits your child would gain from attending these classes:

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